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Naturally Pure Water


British Berkefeld Water Filters

Safe drinking water is often taken for granted, yet in many parts of the world reliable supplies of clean water are at a premium. In many circumstances a piped supply is not available and surface water from rivers, streams or water holes present the only source of water.  In this case the water may appear unclear and have an unpleasant taste, but more importantly is often a source for disease.  Even clear and apparently fresh water may be polluted with disease causing pathogens.

Doulton British Berkefeld Ceramic Water Filter-Model SS
Doulton British Berkefeld Ceramic Water Filter-Model LP

This model is manufactured in high grade, polished Stainless Steel for maximum corrosion resistance and is hygienic durable and easy to clean.


Manufactured in food quality, high density polypropylene, the
LP model is lightweight, durable and virtually unbreakable.

Both filters are compact, protable and simple to operate.  Requiring no external plumbing, each filter takes only minutes to assemble and can provide up to 80 liters or 20 US gallons of safe drinking water each day.

This easy of operation combined with a proven effectiveness at eliminating water-borne disease such as cholera and typhoid,has lead to the filter being specified for field operations by many of the worlds major aid and emergency relief organizations.

Independently tested by the following institutions:

Hyder (Formerly Acer/ Altwell) 
Cheshire, UK
Spectrum Labs Minn, USA 

WRe Buckinghamshire, UK
Clare Microbiological, Suffolk, UK
NSP Michigan, USA

Loughborough University, Leicestershire, UK

University of Arizona, USA

Thresh, Beal & Suckling, Birmingham, UK

WRe Gwent, UK

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