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Naturally Pure Products

Countertop, and under counter inline models with (bonded) carbon technology for more uniform performance than traditional granular activated carbon filters. Ceramic shell can easily be cleaned. Rated at 1/2 gallon per minute. Also gravity feed filters: classic, ceramic and polypropylene models.

This compact portable filter by Doulton is simple to operate and can provide up to 21 gallons of safe drinking water a day.
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Countertop and under the sink models of Reverse Osmosis water filtering systems from Water Factory Systems.

Read about the benefits of
Reverse Osmosis

Dechlorinating filters for:

Easy pop-in cartridge that requires no backflushing.


With Crystal Ball Bath 2000 available in designer colors.

Attaches to your hose. Promotes healthy plant nutrition and growth by returning the natural balance to your soil. Also great for bathing your pets and automobile.

Royal Air LLC
Royal Air, LLC creates water purifiers. See list of models and prices here.

Naturally Pure Air
Royal Air Purifiers

Royal Air, LLC creates air purifiers, not to be confused with a limited air filter. It uses oxygen to accelerate the breakdown of air contaminates such as dust, pollen, mold, mildew, toxic fumes and odors. Models available for home office and commerical applications.

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MiniMate Contaminant-Free Fruits and Vegatables - Guaranteed

Activated Oxygen generator:
  Eliminates odors
  Keeps fruits & vegetables fresh
  Keeps fruits & vegetables fresh
  Breaks down perticides & herbicides
Kills germs & bacteria
  Keeps family safe from food poisoning
  No filter to replace

"The doctor of the future
will give no medicine,
but will interest his patients
in the care of the human frame,
in diet, and in the cause and
prevention of disease."

Thomas Edison

Coral Calcium
added to drinking water has a remarkable ability to boost the immune system and to help many ailments by balancing the body's pH level.
The health benefits derived from using coral calcium appear to be exclusive to the Sango coral found only around Okinawa.
This award winning formula naturally provides the highest level of nascent oxygen and hydrogen in supplement form improving energy, endurance, and natural health. Contained in this formula are "aerobic" proteins, 17 amino acids, 34 enzymes, 78 major and trace elements, deuterons, electrolytes, and dissolved oxygen. CELLFOOD enhances nutrient absorption and increases metabolism. It promotes greater availability of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other nutrients. Read more about the health benefits of this amazing product.
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