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Naturally Pure Water

Rainshow'r« Gard'n GroTM
Garden Dechlorinator

"The Healthy Garden Alternative"

rainshow'r Gard'n Gro



Bring the Goodness of Mother Nature
Back to Your Garden

Exclusively from Rainshow'r!
AT LAST... A product that eliminates
the harsh toxic effects of chlorine in your garden.

Our Gard'n Gro

    • Promotes healthy plant nutrition and growth by returning the natural balance to your soil.
    • Enhances the effectiveness of the non-chemical pest control methods. Protects ladybugs, lacewings, and beneficial nematodes.
    • Features replaceable cartridge filters
    • Prevents hose wear with a specially designed, shock absorbing hose saver.

Grow beautiful, vibrant, healthy plants with the
Rainshow'r Gard'n Gro!

Singing Frog

Why should I remove chlorine from my garden?

Chlorine is designed to kill living organisms such as fungi and bacteria that can contaminate your water source. It does such a great job of killing these organisms that it can be harmful to your plants, because your plants rely on some of the fungi and bacteria to survive.
Every plant's survival is based on the nutrients it receives from its water and soil. A healthy soil is made up of beneficial bacteria, molds and various forms of fungi (the very things that chlorine was designed to kill).

Organic farmers and gardeners have known for years that the safest way to protect their plants and the environment from insects, disease, and pests is through the use of beneficial bacteria. Highly chlorinated water can kill microorganisms in the soil that are there to protect the plant and its food source.

As a rule, commercial farmers and horticulturists do not use chlorinated municipal city water to irrigate their crops. How can I get chlorine out of my gardening water?
Until today most home gardeners had no choice but to use municipal water in growing their plants.

Rainshow'r has changed all that with the development of the Gard'n Gro Garden Dechlorinator. Now it is possible for home gardeners to steer away from chlorinated water and move toward a cleaner, healthier choice with the Rainshow'r Gard'n Gro Garden Dechlorinator.
How does the Gard'n Gro remove chlorine? The Gard'n Gro converts free chlorine to a harmless chloride. Its unique 'redox' media of copper and zinc works on the principle of electrochemical oxidation reduction. The Rainshow'r Gard'n Gro is completely non-toxic.

The │redox" media will remain effective for hundreds of usages. The Rainshow'r Gard'n Gro will process a minimum of 20,000 gallons of water which can be more than doubled by following simple maintenance instructions. The Gard'n Gro effectively removes over 85% of the chlorine from garden hose water.

Are there other uses for my Gard'n Gro?

The Gard'n Gro is also a healthy alternative for bathing your pets, whose coats can become brittle and their skin dry and flaky when exposed to chlorine. Automobile enthusiasts will find their carnuba wax jobs last far longer when cars are washed with dechlorinated water.

The Gard'n Gro is specially designed for the garden, not as a drinking water filter. Its filtration media effectively remores choline from your garden water, but it is not designed to remove particulate matter or other water contaminants. The Rainshow'r Gard'n Gro is proudly offered by the designers of the Rainshow'r line of chlorine removing shower filters.


Model Number: GG-100
Model Number for one pair replacement cartridge: RCGG
Media: KDF 26 oz. 737 Grams
Material: PVC plastic body and cartridge housing,
Green ABS plastic end caps
Chlorine removal: 85% or more
Dimensions: 10"L x 2-1/2" Diam. 25.4cm L x 6.35cm Diam.
Weight: 3lbs. 2oz. 425 Grams
Assessories included: Flexible Hose Saver, Four extra pre-filter pads.
Optional Assessory: Pre-filter
Water Pressure range:
Low to 65 Plus PSI
3 to 4.5 Plus Bars


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