A report from March, 1985:

One more example is a publication called "BOTTLED AND VENDED WATER: ARE CONSUMERS GETTING THEIR MONEY'S WORTH" 061ŠA. It was prepared by the Assembly Office of Research, for the State of California. In the cover letter dated March 4, 1985, it was stated: "This report is in response to your request for a study of bottled water standards. California is the leading bottled water consumer in the nation. Consumers of bottled water who sometimes pay 1000 times the cost of tap water have the right to purchase a safe and wholesome product. Current state law contains no specific requirements to make bottled or vended water more wholesome or safe than tap water. This report describes the problems with bottled water and deficiencies in existing bottled water law. It also documents the need for new laws and recommends specific proposals for legislation." The report makes interesting reading as it deals with the subject, and lists some of the infractions which the study found. These are just three examples through the years, of problems which come to light in respect to bottled water for human consumption. (Why were these reports published in March each time?)